2021 Temporary Campsites

Due to the ongoing Covid situation, Temporary Campsites
are Bookable in Advance via Mike/Linda or Penny.
We are keeping up-to-date on guidance from the Government,CoM
and from the various Venues as much as possible.
Please check here and on Facebook to see when booking
is open for each individual Venue.

For Insurance cover, temorary campsites begin at 12 noon unless otherwise stated
If You use a Generator, please show consideration for other members/campers
Please no undue noise after 11pm
Dogs must be on leads at ALL times and all dog waste must be cleaned up
and disposed of resposibly, especially if we are using a sports complex
Children under 18 are not permitted to take part in
games of chance or bingo on licensed premises
Chemical toilets must not be filled directly from drinking water taps
Toilets must only be emptied at designated disposal points
If a venue requires green chemicals, it must be used, or your toilet left unemptied when You leave
Waste water must not be discharged on any of our sites or public roads
Smoking (including E-cigarettes) is not permitted in any enclosed environment

HOSTS:Hosts for Bank Holidays and Weekend Temporary Campsites will be free
If more than one host, days will be shared between them
VISITORS: With the present Covid situation, Visitors are not allowed in the camping area
FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: are held by the Rally Officer and 2 other members of the Committee

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